BS Heavy Industries


Elevate with Precision: Crafting and Servicing 2 to 10 Ton EOT Cranes

Welcome to a realm where precision craftsmanship meets engineering excellence. At BS HEAVY INDUSTRY PRIVATE LIMITED, we stand as your unwavering partner for the design, manufacturing, and servicing of EOT Cranes ranging from 2 to 10 tons. Whether it’s EOT Cranes, Hot Cranes, Semi EOT Cranes, or a diverse array of lifting equipment, we redefine industry standards through our commitment to precision and performance.

Precision Beyond Measure: Our dedication to detail is the cornerstone of our success. With an adept team at the helm, we craft cutting-edge EOT cranes that are at the forefront of engineering precision. From design to manufacturing, each step reflects our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Crafting Excellence, Sustaining Performance: More than just manufacturing, we provide a holistic experience. Our comprehensive servicing ensures that your equipment operates at its best throughout its lifecycle. EOT Cranes, hot cranes, or semi EOT cranes – we keep your lifting machinery in peak condition.

Empower Your Lifting Abilities: At BS HEAVY INDUSTRY PRIVATE LIMITED, we don’t just offer solutions; we provide pathways to enhancement. Elevate your lifting capabilities with our unmatched expertise. Join us in setting new benchmarks in precision, durability, and service quality.

Unleash the Power of Precision – Connect with Us Today! Discover how BS Heavy Industries can redefine your lifting equipment expectations. Contact us now and experience a realm where precision and performance go hand in hand.